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New Seattle (Shadowrun) by Stephen Kenson (1999-03-01) Seattle Shadowrun Wiki FandomShadowrun RPG FanPro Introduction New Seattle Introduction New Seattle by Michael Mulvihill Introduction New Seattle describes one of the most important characters in the Shadowrun universe the city of Seattle Filled with megacorporate conflicts, underworld criminal activities, political maneuvering and international tensions, Seattle is a breeding ground for runners because its shadows are so numerous and so dangerous New Seattle shadowrunrpg New Seattle A Runner s Paradise Can you survive Seattle in the yearThis much anticipated revision of Shadowruns most successful sourcebook updates the home of Shadowrun Find out how Seattle survived Dunkelzahn s election and assassination, as well as the on going Mob and corporate wars and the Renraku Arcology shutdown Everything that players and gamemasters need to set theirSeattle ShadowWiki shadowrun Seattle est un tat des UCAS spar du reste du pays, sur la cte pacifique, par les Nations des Amricains d OrigineSeattle est situ en plein milieu du Conseil Salish Shidhe, son accs l ocan Pacifique traversant les eaux du Salish Shidhe au niveau des dtroits de Puget et de Juan de Fuca, mme si les dispositions du Trait de Denver lui donnent libre accs New Seattle le Grog Seattle est le dcor de campagne urbain de rfrence de Shadowrun Aprs une premire dition publie dcrivant la ville en , cette nouvelle version projette le mtroplexe dix ans plus tard pour l adapter au contexte dcrit dans la me dition Shadowrun New Seattle Catalyst Game Labs New Seattle takes the players on a tour of the most exciting city in the world ofEach section of Seattle contains information on gangs, corporations, politics, hideouts, major players, criminal organizations and everything else players and gamemasters need to create both straightforward adventures and complex campaigns

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