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Imaginary Friend Christopher is seven years old Christopher is the new kid in town Christopher has an imaginary friend.Single mother Kate Reese is on the run Determined to improve life for her and her son, Christopher, she flees an abusive relationship in the middle of the night with Christopher at her side Together, they find themselves drawn to the tight knit community of Mill Grove, Pennsylvania It s as far off the beaten track as they can get Just one highway in, one highway out.At first, it seems like the perfect place to finally settle down Then Christopher vanishes For six awful days, no one can find him Until Christopher emerges from the woods at the edge of town, unharmed but not unchanged He returns with a voice in his head only he can hear, with a mission only he can complete Build a tree house in the woods by Christmas, or his mother and everyone in the town will never be the same again.Soon Kate and Christopher find themselves in the fight of their lives, caught in the middle of a war playing out between good and evil, with their small town as the battleground.The epic work of literary horror from the 1 bestselling author of THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER.

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    Now available as a BOTM add on starting in October Long ago, books stopped terrifying me in the way that people search out from the likes of gory, graphic horror films Somewhere upon entering adulthood, the paranormal took a backs

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    I was so afraid of my contact lens numbers were going to be bigger than my irises after I finished this book Give me a biggest Chardonnay break, my dear friends, this month I read Institution , Gold Finch and still working on Priory o

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    how in the world did stephen chbosky go from writing we accept the love we think we deserve to an entire book dedicated to a child haunted by horrifying imaginary people i guess 20 years between books is enough time for an author to cha

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    We can swallow our fear or let our fear swallow us Imaginary Friend feels very much like a classic horror novel which is both a good and a bad thing To begin with, we have a group of young kids, an unknown evil that fills them with fear an

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    Perks of Being a Wallflower was not part of my adolescence and I m not much of a horror reader although I do enjoy it every once in a great while So, I m not quite the right reader for this ambitious novel Needless to say twenty years after the p

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    I ll be first to admit that I never read horror, nor do I have the interest, but I wanted to give Stephen Chbosky a try just because he was an iconic author of my teenage years But this. wasn t it Even from the objective perspective of someone not in

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    Find all of my reviews at Stars A nightmare is nothing but a dream gone sick Where do I even begin when it comes to the release of this 20 year long awaited tome I guess the easiest thing to do is address the obvious For those of you who have been anti

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    News articles are saying to expect this in 2019, which makes Stephen Chbosky s second novel a full TWENTY YEARS after Perks. Holy shit, I am so hyped.update may 10th, 2019 I holy hell, y all It s HAPPENING Thank you so much to the publisher for providing me

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    A nightmare is nothing than a dream gone sick This book THIS BOOK I never read Perks of Being a Wallflower but what I do know is that this author went to a completely different genre with this young adult horror fiction read Is it worth every 700 page You bet y

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About the Author: Stephen Chbosky

Stephen Chbosky grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and graduated from the University of Southern California s Filmic Writing Program His first film, The Four Corners of Nowhere, premiered at the 1995 Sundance Film Festival and went on to win Best Narrative Feature honors at the Chicago Underground Film Festival He is the recipient of the Abraham Polonsky Screenwriting Award for his screenplay