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The Glass Hotel From The Award Winning Author Of Station Eleven,a Captivating Novel Of Money, Beauty, White Collar Crime, Ghosts, And Moral Compromise In Which A Woman Disappears From A Container Ship Off The Coast Of Mauritania And A Massive Ponzi Scheme Implodes In New York, Dragging Countless Fortunes With ItVincent Is A Bartender At The Hotel Caiette, A Five Star Glass And Cedar Palace On An Island In British Columbia Jonathan Alkaitis Works In Finance And Owns The Hotel When He Passes Vincent His Card With A Tip, It S The Beginning Of Their Life Together That Same Day, Vincent S Half Brother, Paul, Scrawls A Note On The Windowed Wall Of The Hotel Why Don T You Swallow Broken Glass Leon Prevant, A Shipping Executive For A Company Called Neptune Avramidis, Sees The Note From The Hotel Bar And Is Shaken To His Core Thirteen Years Later Vincent Mysteriously Disappears From The Deck Of A Neptune Avramidis Ship Weaving Together The Lives Of These Characters, The Glass Hotel Moves Between The Ship, The Skyscrapers Of Manhattan, And The Wilderness Of Northern Vancouver Island, Painting A Breathtaking Picture Of Greed And Guilt, Fantasy And Delusion, Art And The Ghosts Of Our Pasts

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    Emily St John Mandel writes an exquisite other worldly novel, slightly surreal as if peering through a misted looking glass, of alternative realities, paths not taken, ghosts, of a diverse and disparate cast of characters, their lives and

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    You may be wondering if The Glass Hotel is anything like Emily St John Mandel s previous novel Station Eleven The answer is no AND yes.Don t get me wrong, The Glass Hotel is a very different kind of book Its setting is realist

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    I m not usually attracted to books that feature financial elements, but in this case I made an exception Simply because I love how this author writes and the way she puts together a story I m so glad I went with my intuition, which shows sometimes you just ne

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    It must be incredibly difficult for a writer to follow a monster hit like Station Eleven Everyone, it seems, is dying to read The Glass Hotel, and that includes me I normally think it s a little obnoxious to review an advance copy 6 months before the book s publication

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    This sounds like absolutely everything.

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    Anyone who has read Station Eleven or in fact any of the author s previous novels will know that Mandel writes thoughtful and addictive stories Her prose doesn t shout a story at you, it s far subtle than that Instead you re likely to be taken through a gentle maze of events that eventu

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    You should eat broken glass The sentence above, a remote island hotel, a Ponzi scheme, a container ship, a lost young woman, and a ghostly presence provide the framework for this masterful novel about greed, guilt, ambition, and love The writing is languid and dreamy yet still page turning as the s

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    At first, I found the storyline all over the place and I felt a bit baffled because I couldn t see where it was heading It jumped from timeline to timeline and character to character in a seemingly random and disconnected fashion and I couldn t join the dots Then it all began to slot into place and I saw the

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    This is a new author for me, finding a new author is very exciting and I couldn t wait to start this book The Glass Hotel is on Vancouver Island, only accessible by boat A luxury 5 star hotel owned by Jonathon Alkatis who works in finance.When Jonathon passes a card with his tip to Vincent the bartender it s a new beg

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    There are so many ways to haunt a person, or a life Emily St John Mandel seems to have two particular talents probably a lot , but these two stand out to me She has a remarkable way to tell a story by jumping around in time and yet having it all make sense She seems to be able to put the pieces together so that the rev

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