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The One Meant to Last A Romance That Crosses The Seas Of Time Meditation Teacher Josie Sets Off On A Long Held Dream Of Visiting Monks At A Retreat In Nepal Expecting The Experience To Be Life Changing But Things Go Wrong And Instead Of A Monastery Filled With Monks, Josie Finds Herself In The Local Hospital, In A Coma, And In The Care Of The Blond Haired, Blue Eyed, Doctor Oliver Frearson, Who Has A Very Powerful And Unexpected Affect On Her At The Same Time She Finds Herself Introduced To Doctor Edward Cornel, Also Blond Haired And Blue Eyed, An American Doctor At The Military Hospital In Da Nang In Vietnam The Height Of The War Josie Instantly Feels Love For Eddie But Eddie Cornel Comes From Another Time And Another Place, One Josie Knows Nothing About Because The Vietnam War Was Before She Was Born Can Josie Really Be Knowing These Things, Or Are The Strange Feelings And Visions She Is Experiencing All Down To The Head Injury That Put Her In The Coma And Where Does Doctor Oliver Frearson Fit Into It All Josie Finds She Is Experiencing Some Very Strange Feelings Towards The Man, Despite Their Relationship Being Nothing But Professional, Too The Point She Feels She Has To Get Away From The Hospital And Be Separated From The Doctor Before She Does Something Stupid Trying To Piece Together What She Experienced In The Coma, Josie Uses The Internet To Find Out About The Vietnam War, And Finds Much Than She Bargained For Links Are Made With The Past That Josie Could Never Have Imagined Possible, Leading To The Realization That Everything She Had Experienced While In The Coma Was True Will Past Memories Prove Too Strong And Get In The Way Of The Future Or Will The Future Accept The Knowledge Of The Past And Finally Bring It To Life

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