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Untamed The thing about Glennon Doyle is that she loves Abby Wambach so much that it makes you fall in love with her a little bit too Part memoir, part inspiration personal growth, I enjoyed this book immensely Thank you Tina for telling me to read this author Untamed is a stunning collection of essays on feminism, spirituality, and intersectionality, just to name a few Doyle is untaming and unlearning western society s expectations of how a person should look and act accordingly, and uncovering the reason or lack thereof that we have been conditioned to think this way, the cages we unconsciously live in The Knowing inside of her guides her away from the boxes of religion and sexuality, and in turn she finds her Self, as well as the truest love she s ever experienced Through her self reflection of our cultural norms, readers will have the concepts to re evaluate their own views and values on what we expect of ourselves and others Untamed opens the eyes, the heart, and the soul. Since I am African MexicanAmerican, I have a hard time reading memoirs sometimes especially when it is from the White Woman perspective, however I really enjoyed the story Glennon Doyle wrote Doyle is able to write about finding and being true to yourself but is able to drop gems of information even though she comes from a place of privilege which she acknowledges herself I want to give this book to every person I know to read with the hopes that they take away from it what I did which is letting down your guard, being who you want to be, and having compassion for the world. I was so excited to be gifted an advanced copy of this book I m a huge fan of Glennon Doyle and this book was by far my favorite I really wanted to plow through it quickly but found myself needing to slow down and savor each little nugget of wisdom that she shares I d find myself laughing out loud then dissolving into tears at how it touched my heart Most chapters were like savoring a delicious piece of candy but some chapters were not as sweet and hit at the core of thinking deeper about difficult issues within the world That s what i love about Glennon Doyle she s so relatable and you re nodding along until there s a sharp turn and I d find myself pondering a new idea at a much deeper level I know that some of my conservative friends might not feel comfortable with a few of her ideas, but I love the diversity and relish in learning about other people and how they view the world This book was like therapy for me, stretching my mind while validating my own existence I m looking forward to listening to the audio of this book when it s released It will feel as if I m having a conversation with a really good friend The majority of this book felt like a message from the universe There are words, sentences, and entire chapters that felt specifically written for me in this specific moment in time There are a few short chapters that felt superfluous and could ve been left out But overall, it s Glennon s signature brand of honesty, vulnerability, and you can also live this way ness that makes the book Love her or hate her, you will walk away from this book with your head held a little higher And you will want all of your friends to read it. Like every book Glennon writes, Untamed felt like a conversation between my soul and her soul It s as if she climbs into my heart space, curls up, puts her hands around my heart and goes Listen closely You need to hear this Also, I love you You got this That s what her books always feel like to me And then at some point, her words start melding with everything I already know to be true so it s like my own inner wise woman is speaking to me as I m reading and I m feeling a little stronger and sure of myself every page I turn Untamed was no different Glennon s words are a soothing balm and a call to power all at once a step up and a slow down in one breath And I think that is exactly what we need right now, to both step up and slow down Untamed is a manifesto for that It s a manifesto for uncovering ourselves, and boldly proclaiming ourselves to the world, bravely holding our ground regardless of what the broader systems messages are, and then turning inward to be with ourselves in all our brutal and beautiful wholeness I have folded over so many pages of this book, eagerly awaiting a moment to return so my soul can sit with Glennon s soul and have a chat once again And I can walk away a little stronger, my head a little higher a little loving, of myself and others and a little ready to live untamed. I m incredibly thankful to Penguin Radom House for an ARC of this amazing book.When I read Glennon s first books, I was overwhelmed with two thoughts 1 What honesty, what bravery, what freshness.2 Girl, you re gay.Hearing the story of her coming out to herself and the world and falling in love with herself and Abby is everything you hope it s going to be and But what s even better is the way she invites her readers, subtly and gently, forcefully and unwaveringly, with nothing and everything at stake, to come and be free in the wide open spaces she has found.I think our fearless leader still has a ways to go on her journey to be fully herself, to keep building her beautiful family, to save the whole heckin world , and I can t wait to go on that road with her.5 brutiful stars. Glennon just posted about it on Twitter, so I opened Goodreads to read about it, and then returned to Twitter, there is a link about this book This is a sacred day to me The most important thing I ve ever written my new book UNTAMED is available for the first time TODAY.I m often asked why I don t publish books often My answer is this I never write a new book until I ve become a new woman Over the past few years, I became a new woman UNTAMED tells that story.At an event for LOVE WARRIOR, a woman walked into the room and the moment I saw her, three words filled my entire being There She Is I knew, from my roots, that she was my person To honor that knowing to honor myself I dismantled and rebuilt my entire life Loving Abby and creating a life with her was the first decision I ever made not as a good girl, but as a free woman.UNTAMED is my deeply personal story of discovering, fighting for, and claiming the great love of my life But this book is not about finding your Abby It is about finding yourself.UNTAMED is about how we got caged by the world s expectations of us, and how we break free It is about how to reclaim yourself, love yourself, trust yourself and abandon others expectations so you can stop abandoning yourself.It s the story of how I learned, through my relationship with Tish, that a responsible mother is not one who slowly dies for her children, but one who shows her children how to bravely live It s about how I stopped being a martyr and started being a model.It s the story of how I learned through my divorce and blending my family that a broken family is one in which any member has to break herself to fit in And a whole family is one in which each member has the freedom to bring her entire self to the family table to remain whole and still belong.It s the story of how I learned to set boundaries, make peace with my body, channel my anxiety, and honor my anger It s about how I finally discovered the big deal about sex.It s about how when we stop pleasing and start living we become women who can finally look at ourselves dead in the eyes and say There She Is.Today I am asking you to pre order UNTAMED Even if you usually wait until a book hits the library, or buy it the week it s out, please consider ordering today.It matters to me and to other authors that you vote for our art by buying it as soon as you can It signals that there are people who believe in our work, which allows us to keep making it The UNTAMED team is a handful of fierce, dedicated women We have been working for two years in preparation for today Your pre order today means than I can tell you.Here s another reason to order today We are doing a special signed print run of UNTAMED that includes a beautiful page with the cover art and the vital question What Would You Do If You Trusted Yourself I am going to sign every copy of this limited printing Think of your people who are going through the thick in other words, all of your people and consider gifting them, and yourself, a special signed copy of UNTAMED Once this first printing is gone, there won t be any We don t know if the quantity will last two hours or two weeks, so please order for yourself and your people today Signed copies are available through independent bookstores, Barnes Noble and Books A Million HERE.In the coming weeks, as I sign each book in the limited print run, I will be sending my love and a personal blessing to each of you I don t know if that woo woo stuff works but it makes me so happy and thankful that each of these books will go from my couch to yours, my hands to yours, my heart to yours.When I finished writing, I sent UNTAMED to Liz Gilbert She read it and wrote to me This book will liberate women emotionally, spiritually, and physically I believe you were born to write this book It s true I finally freed myself enough to be able to say what I ve been desperate to say for my entire life.My dream is that since freedom, joy, and peace are contagious they will leap off each page of UNTAMED and into your hearts until each of us is free to live as the people we were born to be before the world told us who to be.I LOVE YOU I LOVE US.G In Her Most Revealing And Powerful Book Yet, The Beloved Activist, Speaker, And Author Of The Bestselling Sensations Love Warrior And Carry On, Warrior Explores The Joy And Peace We Discover When We Stop Striving To Meet The Expectations Of The World, And Start Trusting The Voice Deep Within Us Untamed Will Liberate Women Emotionally, Spiritually, And Physically I Believe Glennon Was Born To Write This Book, Just This Way, At Just This Moment In History It Is Phenomenal Elizabeth Gilbert, New York Times Bestselling Author Of City Of Girls And Eat Pray LoveThis Is How You Find YourselfThere Is A Voice Of Longing Inside Every Woman We Strive So Mightily To Be Good Good Mothers, Daughters, Partners, Employees, Citizens, And Friends We Believe All This Striving Will Make Us Feel Alive Instead, It Leaves Us Feeling Weary, Stuck, Overwhelmed, And Underwhelmed We Look At Our Lives, Relationships, And World, And Wonder Wasn T It All Supposed To Be Beautiful Than ThisWe Quickly Silence That Question, Telling Ourselves To Be Grateful We Hide Our Simmering Discontent Even From Ourselves Until We Reach Our Boiling PointFour Years Ago, Glennon Doyle Bestselling Oprah Endorsed Author, Renowned Activist And Humanitarian, Wife And Mother Of Three Was Speaking At A Conference When A Woman Entered The Room Glennon Looked At Her And Fell Instantly In Love Three Words Flooded Her Mind There She Is At First, Glennon Assumed These Words Came To Her From On High Soon She Realized That They Came To Her From WithinGlennon Was Finally Hearing Her Own Voice The Voice That Had Been Silenced By Decades Of Cultural Conditioning, Numbing Addictions, And Institutional Allegiances This Was The Voice Of The Girl Glennon Had Been Before The World Told Her Who To Be She Vowed To Never Again Abandon Herself She Decided To Build A Life Of Her Own One Based On Her Individual Desire, Intuition, And Imagination She Would Reclaim Her True, Untamed SelfSoulful And Uproarious, Forceful And Tender, Untamed Is Both A Memoir And A Galvanizing Wake Up Call It Offers A Piercing, Electrifying Examination Of The Restrictive Expectations Women Are Issued From Birth Shows How Hustling To Meet Those Expectations Leaves Women Feeling Dissatisfied And Lost And Reveals That When We Quit Abandoning Ourselves And Instead Abandon The World S Expectations Of Us, We Become Women Who Can Finally Look At Ourselves And Recognize There She Is Untamed Shows Us How To Be Brave As Glennon Insists The Braver We Are, The Luckier We Get

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