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The Book of Lost Names Inspired By An Astonishing True Story From World War II, A Young Woman With A Talent For Forgery Helps Hundreds Of Jewish Children Flee The Nazis In This Unforgettable Historical Novel From The International Bestselling Author Of The Epic And Heart Wrenching World War II Tale Alyson Noel, New York Times Bestselling Author The Winemaker S WifeEva Traube Abrams, A Semi Retired Librarian In Florida, Is Shelving Books One Morning When Her Eyes Lock On A Photograph In A Magazine Lying Open Nearby She Freezes It S An Image Of A Book She Hasn T Seen In Sixty Five Years A Book She Recognizes As The Book Of Lost Names The Accompanying Article Discusses The Looting Of Libraries By The Nazis Across Europe During World War II An Experience Eva Remembers Well And The Search To Reunite People With The Texts Taken From Them So Long Ago The Book In The Photograph, An Eighteenth Century Religious Text Thought To Have Been Taken From France In The Waning Days Of The War, Is One Of The Most Fascinating Cases Now Housed In Berlin S Zentral Und Landesbibliothek Library, It Appears To Contain Some Sort Of Code, But Researchers Don T Know Where It Came From Or What The Code Means Only Eva Holds The Answer But Will She Have The Strength To Revisit Old Memories And Help Reunite Those Lost During The War As A Graduate Student In , Eva Was Forced To Flee Paris After The Arrest Of Her Father, A Polish Jew Finding Refuge In A Small Mountain Town In The Free Zone, She Begins Forging Identity Documents For Jewish Children Fleeing To Neutral Switzerland But Erasing People Comes With A Price, And Along With A Mysterious, Handsome Forger Named R My, Eva Decides She Must Find A Way To Preserve The Real Names Of The Children Who Are Too Young To Remember Who They Really Are The Records They Keep In The Book Of Lost Names Will Become Even Vital When The Resistance Cell They Work For Is Betrayed And R My Disappears An Engaging And Evocative Novel Reminiscent Of The Lost Girls Of Paris And The Alice Network, The Book Of Lost Names Is A Testament To The Resilience Of The Human Spirit And The Power Of Bravery And Love In The Face Of Evil

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    This book is a historical fiction that goes between 2005 Eva in the present and the 1940 s Eva in the past This book is all about WWII when Germany takes over Paris, France Eva is a Jewish girl that lived in Paris This book will stay with me for so long It will touch your heart Eva is a girl that loves book that after the war become a libraria

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    May 2005, Eva Traube is in her 80 s and she enjoys working part time at her local library and she spends most of her time shelving books One day she is shocked to see an article in a magazine, it s about how the Nazis stole or destroyed priceless books from Berlin libraries during WW II, in the article was a photo of a book that was precious to Eva 65 y

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    A captivating historical fiction story full of bravery and resilience.SUMMARYEva Traube was forced to flee Paris in 1942 with her mother after the arrest of her father, a Polish Jew She finds a refuge in a church in a small mountain town in the Free Zone There she begins forging identity documents for Jewish children fleeing to Switzerland In erasing these childr

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    During WWII, forgers played important role in the Resistance It was a network of brave people who used their artistic ability and scientific ingenuity to produce convincing documents that allowed innocent people to survive Florida, 2005 Eva Traube, librarian, comes across an article talking about a book, which she thought had vanished forever.Paris, 1942 Eva is pursuing he

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    FULL REVIEW WILL BE ON JULY 22.Was Eva seeing correctly Did this newspaper article actually show the book she had used during the war to put children s names in that they had to change to protect their identity THE BOOK OF LOST NAMES is another impressive Kristin Harmel gem It will grab your heart and pull you in Words cannot express the beauty of this book.All I can say is you must

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    Once again, Ms Harmel has hit a home run with this WWII historical fiction We begin this story meeting an elderly librarian in Florida as she sees an image of a book that she has not seen in decades The image and article is of a book that our librarian used to log the names of Jewish children that had been smuggled out of France The story takes off from thereThe story is told in alternating t

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    What a beautiful story I read the 10 first chapters of this historical novel and stopped, waiting for the paper version to be released because I wanted to slowly enjoyed this beautiful story.I kept thinking about what would happen to Eva and her mother, so I decided to continue reading my ARC ecopy The story goes between now 2005 and the 1940 s with Eva living in Paris, moving to the fictional city of

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    As author Kristin Harmel so neatly states, one of my favourite things about writing about the war WW2 is that I m able to dig deep into subjects many of us may not be familiar with So true There is a treasure trove of novels set during that time period, but only the ones that contain thorough and careful research novels like The Book of Lost Names stand out I have read a great deal about the French Resistance, b

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    THE BOOK OF LOST NAMESBY KRISTIN HARMELThis book was very similar to a book I recently read and reviewed early called, The Paris Children, by Gloria Goldreich It also was about a woman fleeing Paris during occupied France to the Southern free zone to forge documents for children to be led across the mountains to be free in Switzerland The only difference was in The Paris Children, the children were to travel further to Pa

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    I flew through most of this book in a single sitting and then spent the last 10 15% absolutely sobbing, so that should give you a good indication of how much I loved this book.I am a huge fan of historical fiction, and a book set during WW2 can hardly ever go wrong This book started a bit slow but really picks up once the main character, Eva, is forced to flee Paris with her mother after the arrest of her father and the larger roun

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