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The best podcasts to listen to on the road

1. If you’re a first-timer: Serial (series one)

For tens of millions of people, Serial was a deliciously addictive gateway drug into the world of podcasts. In the first series, launched back in 2014, investigative journalist Sarah Koenig delved into the mysterious 1999 murder of 18-year-old Hae Min Lee. It’s a true story, narrated with flair and compassion that will leave you yearning for answers.

2. If you like eavesdropping on funny conversations: The Adam Buxton Podcast

Dr Buckles is the undisputed duke of British podcasting; only he can make you laugh and cry with equal velocity in the space of one episode. His intimate, honest interviews leave you feeling like you’re listening in on a chat between old friends – which is often the case; Richard Ayoade, Louis Theroux and Sarah Pascoe are a few pals who have appeared on the show.

3. If you’ve ever thought about escaping to a desert island:Desert Island Discs

Simply one of the best podcasts out there, regardless of whether you’re on a desert island or not. In each episode, host Kirsty Young asks guests (or ‘castaways’) to choose the eight records they would take with them if they were stranded on a desert island. The BBC has put thousands of archive episodes online, with Louis Armstrong (1968), John Peel (1990) and Yoko Ono (2007) being a few of the landmark interviews.

4. If you need entrepreneurial inspiration: How I Built This

Travel’s a good time to reflect on things and make some big life decisions you’ll probably never see out. If you need a further kick up the backside, How I Built This interviews the entrepreneurs behind companies like Airbnb, Instagram and Vice, asking them how they came about setting up their multi-million dollar businesses. If this doesn’t inspire you to create that new app, magazine, or blog, nothing will.

5. If you want a ‘series fix’, but don’t want to pack a laptop:Homecoming

There have been a load of fiction podcasts over the last couple of years, mainly crime or sci-fi based, testing the water in what has traditionally been a non-fiction format. Many fall short of the mark, but Homecoming could signal a turning point. Its Hollywood cast features David Schwimmer, Oscar Isaac and Catherine Keener. As gripping as any Netflix original.